Top 10 Web Hosting South Africa

What is the Top 10 Web Hosting South Africa?

This review takes an in-depth look at the Top 10 web hosting in South Africa

Hosting a website is a lot more important than one might think. 

Metaphorically, It is kind of like the building in which your website lives. So think about it this way. Imagine you’re renting a building for your business. 

Of course, You’d like it to be affordable. But, also an easy to access building that is also stable. The exact same thing applies to hosting.

Why Listen to me about Top 10 Web Hosting Companies In South Africa?

I’ve been building websites since 2014 for clients as well as personal. I have also been doing SEO at that time. And that path, along with web design has seen me use many a host, especially when it comes to South African hosting companies.

My criteria for choosing the top 10 web hosting South Africa:

  1. The hosting I opt for needs to be affordable
  2. Speed matters. For user retention and SEO. For that reason, the host I choose always has great speeds
  3. Customer service. I can’t stress how important customer service is in the hosting world.
  4. Storage. This is also critical when choosing a hosting company. You’re going to want

1) Frikkadel Hosting

This is my number 1 web hosting company in South Africa. I always recommend Frikkadel to my clients. Not only is Frikkadel one of the cheapest web hosting companies in SA

But, their customer service is absolutely incredible. And, their service is reliable and fast. I have no bad things to say about frikkadel and for that reason, they are my top web hosting company in South Africa.

2) Hostgator (international Host)

If you are based in South Africa but have a global audience, then HostGator is your best choice. Another reason to choose HostGator above all others is if you are going to be hosting multiple websites on one account. 

This very website you’re reading is hosted with HostGator because I host multiple personal websites. 

The price is slightly more than you’d pay for a local South African hosting company. But, the service is incredibly stable and they offer a lot of extras such as SSL certificates and a lot more. 

You can sign up and get started hosting multiple websites for as little as $2.75 dollars a month which is roughly R45 depending on what the exchange rate feels like that day. For R45, HostGator is an exceptionally great choice for hosting any website, big or small.

3) HostKing

One of my favourite all-time South African hosting companies is HostKing. If you’re a developer or someone looking for the ultimate in hosting flexibility. 

I think you should strongly consider them as your host. With this hosting company, you can choose between cPanel, E-commerce, ASP.NEt hosting a much more!

I usually go for their cPanel hosting options as they’re the cheapest and just as reliable as all their other hosting. Also, the cheapest option is basically free. 

Their top-tier hosting package costs like R50 which is what most hosts start charging for their basic packages. You also get a free domain as well as a free SSL certificate. 

This is an incredible value and a great choice for personal websites as well as business or eCommerce hosting.

4) SmartWeb Hosting Company South Africa

I still have one or two blogs hosted using SmartWeb. They’re a fantastic choice if you’re looking to host a personal site. However, they have really good business plans too. 

Their cheapest package is slightly more than a few others on this list. But, the package comes with free extras which others don’t have so it all balances out. 

Their packages include unlimited bandwidth which is such a huge thing! Also, you can choose if you’d like your server to be located in South Africa or Europe. Which, is not something I’ve seen as a choice for any other host. Great value and great service!

5) Ramkat

So it is not every day you find a hosting company that offers a free package. But Ramkat sure do! If you’re a blogger or someone looking to set up a small one-page website or landing page. 

Then the free hosting package from Ramkat is a great way to get proper hosting for nothing! Ramkat offers 6 different hosting options ranging from R0 p/m all the way to R155 p/m. 

Their 30 p/m package is a great deal that contains a free domain as well as a free SSL certificate!

6)Ample Hosting

I mentioned above in the number one position that Frikkadel was one of the cheapest hosting companies in South Africa. 

However, AmpleHosting might beat them! With their cheapest package as low as R9.80 per month! I recommend their B3 package. However, whichever packages from AmpleHosting you decided, I think you’ll be sufficiently satisfied. 

Furthermore, you get a free domain with all their hosting packages. All storage is SSD-based meaning incredible speeds. And, all packages have unlimited bandwidth meaning your site will have much less chance of crashing, even if traffic is busy!.

7) SA Domain Website Hosting

Whilst SA Domain is better known as a domain registrar. 

They also provide hosting packages which are pretty good if you ask me. With SA domain, you’re sure to find the right hosting solution to suit your needs. That is because they have 8 different packages to choose from that you can use to host your website. 

8 hosting packages are more than most others on this list so finding just the right package might be easiest for you with SA domain.

8) Host Budget

I’ve chosen two international hosting companies on this list. And, HostBudget is another one. I host many blogs using them for SEO purposes. And the reason is that they offer $1 p/m hosting with great speeds and stability. That is around R15 p/m with 2GB space which is such a good deal for a small website or blog!

9) HostAfrica

It has been quite some time since I used HostAfrica. However, I only remember good things. And after glancing over their current packages I’m still pretty impressed. 

I can’t say much for the speeds or the stability as I haven’t made use of their hosting in a while. However, most of their packages come with a free domain. 

And from what I can remember, their customer service was pretty top-notch! HostAfrica offers 6 different hosting packages to choose from. 

This means you can really find the best hosting package that is suited to your needs.

10) Afrihost (THE WORST!!)

I hate to give bad reviews. I like everyone to succeed and get along. However, this is not always a reality. 

But seriously, I wouldn’t host with Afrihost if my life depended on it. Not only are they grossly overpriced and their hosting as stable as bigfoot on stilts. 

But, Their staff are so exceptionally rude. And they have the attitude that they don’t need my business. So, I don’t. And life is better that way. 

There are so many hosting companies in South Africa that provide a better service, a stable host, great customer service, and basically everything better and cheaper. 

So there’s no need to give the greedy and rude your money when it can be spent wisely elsewhere.


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